Western Rim CEO Marcus Hiles values those with a environmental commitment. For him, this extends outside the doors of the nieghborhoods he builds. Western Rim’s ongoing tree-planting initiatives increase the volume of a community’s tree canopy above pre-development levels. “Each of the 3,000 trees we planted last year sequesters over 45 pounds of carbon dioxide and pollutants while releasing oxygen,”Hiles said. At the same time, the company works to protect existing arboreal treasures, including the hundreds of 100-year-old oak trees that thrive in a designed park near one Western Rim development site. Marcus Hiles sees environmental responsibility as a win for community members as well as the planet. “Our bold goal is to lessen carbon emissions by more than 500,000 metric tons over the next decade,” he claims. “In the process, we’ll deliver energy savings to our residents and create sustainable, livable communities.”

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