Home purchasers and apartment searchers can effectlively lower their energy usage this summertime by applying the four convenient tips given by the well-known Texas real estate developer Marcus Hiles. As the boss of Western Rim Property Services, Hiles also makes sure that all his own energy saving methods are practiced in the process of his every residential construction. First, windows need to come with a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.22 to 0.24 and one of the best examples is the Cascade Low E Argon Gas Win Pro Series. What happened to obsolete windows during heat transfer is that they lose 100 times more energy when compared to a solid wall with good insulation. Hiles claim that, “older transoms, sliders, and casements may have a very appealing design, but they don’t have as much capacity as modern windows and frames in preventing air and energy leakages and cutting a huge percentage of heatloss.”

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