Despite several condemnations by entrepreneurs over the years on the appreciation of tax in America’s real estate’s industry, it can be considered to be more or less a common issue since it is not the first time that it has happened. After this happened in the states of California and Washington D.C, Texas became next. Nancy and her husband Marcus Hiles, the real estate mogul and Western Rim Properties CEO, have requested their government to let the previous tax rates go unchanged. The couple, with the support of other real estate business men and women as well as a majority of the population in Texas, has stood up to become the peoples’ voice.

The ideology of Nancy Hiles over hike in Real Estate Income Tax rate in Texas explains how difficult it becomes for buyers planning to procure houses at such hiked prices. Nancy of actually disapproves this and believes that buyers ought to pay prices that are justifiable for the houses they intend to buy. Marcus and Nancy Hiles further explained to the government how hard it would be considering the tough economic times. Numerous other parties involved in the real estate industry have shaken hands with the couple to commend them for what they are doing.

Marcus together with his wife, Nancy Hiles, have even gone ahead to raise their voice against the hike in tax rate to the social media. Nancy Hile has shown as well as provided her full support to his husband as well as everybody else who will be affected. Nancy Hile’s thoughts in regards to the tax issue clearly show how much she cares for the people. She stands to believe in the provision of the best home quality at the least price possible.